UN-winning Top Values ​​Accepted at GMU

Winner of the National Examination is the national highest IPS , Nur Afifah Widyaningrum , received at UGM , according to the department of first choice English Literature , Faculty of Humanities .

Besides Afifah , Rikko Sajjad Nuir , winner of UN field value IPS 2nd highest nationally accepted Prodi Management , Faculty of Economics and Business UGM , and Hashina Zulfa , the highest winning score 3rd UN national field of science , received Doctor of Education study program , Faculty Medicine , UGM .

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All three are participants SNMPTN 2014 graduate admission to GMU . Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs GMU , Iwan Dwiprahasto , yesterday , said that this year , UGM receives 3,227 prospective undergraduate students through SNMPTN .

" A candidate who is successfully entered GMU received after the record of superior academic achievement SNMPTN compete with 61 944 participants who register at UGM , " said Iwan .

Iwan added that the study program with the highest level of competition in the UGM SNMPTN at this time is for Tourism Studies Program . Five fields of science study program with the highest competition is Information Technology , Architecture , Doctor of Education , Computer Science , and Health Nutrition .

As for the field of IPS is Tourism , Communications , International Relations , Management and Accounting .

Furthermore Iwan said , prospective students are required to come UGM alone to do the registration . Registration will be served on 16-18 June 2014 , housed in the Directorate of Academic UGM .

" Prospective students who do not register until the date of June 18, 2014 , at 15:00 pm deemed waived his right as a student of UGM academic year 2014/2015 , " said Iwan .


New Officials Not Present, Director General PAUDNI Inauguration Postponed

Education and Culture Minister Muhammad Nuh inaugurated replacement Echelon 1 and 2 Kemendikbud as well as some state university rector , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

One that will be inducted is the Director General of Early Childhood Education , Non-formal and Informal ( PAUDNI ) to replace Lydia Freyani Hawadi . However , the inauguration was postponed due to the replacement of Lydia not present .

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Education Minister M Nuh also reluctant to reveal who will occupy the position of director general PAUDNI . ” It was postponed . Successor who? Decree existing DG substitute who PAUDNI . Later we announce , ” said Noah , in Kemendikbud on Monday .

Here are the names rector appointed Education Minister M Nuh today:
1 . Rector of the University of Teuku Umar , Prof Dr Jasman A , SE , MBA
2 . Siliwangi University Rector Prof. Dr. Ir Rudi Priyadi , MS .
3 . Tidar University Rector Prof. Dr. Yusuf MPd Cahyo .
4 . Chancellor of the University Dr Azhari Kolaka November Nineteen , SSTP , MSi .
5 . Director of Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya Dr Zainal Arif , ST , MT .
6 . Director Surabaya State Polytechnic Shipping Ir Muhammad Mahfud , MMT
7 . Padang State Polytechnic Director Aidil Zamri , ST , MT .
8 . Director Polytechnic Ketapang Dr. Ir Nurmala , MM .


Egyptian Military Kills Militant Leader Bayt al-Maqdis

A leader of the militant group Ansar Bayt al - Maqdis , the most dangerous group in Egypt , reportedly killed along with three senior members of the militant group overnight , local officials reported on Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) .
Shadi al - Menei , Bayt al - Maqdis leader is one of the most sought after keberdaanya in Egypt . As reported by Al Arabiya , Menei killed in a military operation conducted by Egyptian security forces overnight .

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" Security forces opened fire on four people when they are in a car in central Sinai and is said to be an attack on the city gas pipeline , " said local officials .
However , according to other security officials , Menei and five other members of the group were shot by unknown assailants , was not killed by the security forces are conducting military operations .
Ansar Bayt al - Maqdis , is a group that terinpirasi by al-Qaeda, which often carry out attacks on security forces since the military overthrew the Egyptian president Mohammad Mursi July last year .


Caplok Tiphone, Telkom Has Set Price

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk ( TLKM ) targets to complete the acquisition of the shares of PT Tiphone Mobile Indonesia Tbk ( TELE ) in the third quarter of 2014. Tarnyata , existing transaction price range of this corporate action .

"There ancer - ancernya , can not say , we’ll negotiable , " said Indra Utoyo , IT Director , Solution and Strategic Portfolio TLKM , Thursday ( 22/5 ) .

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He just said , valuations are based on the average stock price TELE within the last month . Throughout May 2014 , the average price of the stock TELE in the range of Rp 843 per share . The plan , TLKM , through its subsidiary , PINS Indonesia will annexed 10 percent - 25 percent stake TELE .

Citing financial statements as of March 2014, the number of outstanding shares as much as 5.54 billion shares TELE . Thus , 10 percent - 25 percent stake equivalent to 554.5 million TELE - 1 , 36 billion shares . Thus , the value of the transaction will range from Rp 467.44 billion to Rp 1.14 trillion .

When confirmed , whether TLKM transaction value reached 100 million U.S. dollars , Indra just say ; ” Well , I have no comment . “


Angkasa Pura Raise Rates 3 ​​Airport

PT Angkasa Pura II to adjust service rates Passengers Services or PJP2U in ​​three airports , namely Kualanamu International Airport , International Airport Fisabilillah Raja Haji , and the International Airport Sultan Syarif Kasim II .

PJP2U tariff adjustment or also known as the Passenger Service Charge ( PSC ) has been through the provisions of which are listed in Aviation Law 1 / 2009, and in line with the improvement of existing services at the three airports . ( Read: burung pentet )
" PT Angkasa Pura II, simply adjust tariff PJP2U at airports that have been developed , both in the physical side of the airport building , the level of service , and facilities used , " said Daryanti in a statement on Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

" Kuala Namu International Airport is a new airport that is modern , while the International Airport and Airport fisabilillah Raja Haji Sultan Syarif Kasim II International passenger terminal also has a new and modern , " he added .
Starting May 19, 2014 in Kuala Namu International Airport , Deli Serdang , North Sumatra , apply new tariffs for domestic routes PJP2U of Rp 60,000 and Rp 200,000 international routes . The particular domestic route back to January 1, 2015 to adjust to Rp 75,000 .

Meanwhile , PJP2U rates in Raja Haji Fisabilillah International Airport , Tanjung Pinang , Riau Islands , set for domestic routes by May 19, 2014 to Rp 30,000 and Rp 100,000 international routes . Special service will be re- adjusted domestic per January 1, 2015 to Rp 40,000 .
Since 20 November 2013 , PT Angkasa Pura II operate the new terminal at the International Airport of King Haji Fisabilillah a capacity of 1 million passengers per year or much larger than the old terminal only 100,000 passengers .
" We are targeting Raja Haji Fisabilillah International Airport with the new terminal concept of modern Malay can become a new symbol for Tanjung Pinang , while supporting the growth of tourism in the city , " said Daryanti .
The international airport Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport , Pekanbaru , Riau also experienced PJP2U tariff adjustment , which for domestic routes by May 19, 2014 to Rp 45,000 and Rp 150,000 international routes .


Son Calls Her father while Hawker Kidney Crying

Meilanda aka Shara Ayu Ayu ( 20 ) , son kidney sellers who allegedly stashed away by her boyfriend , aka Aan Firman , had called his father , Sugiyanto ( 45 ) .

"Did he call me . Cry He continued , Ma’am , " said Sugiyanto , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

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According Sugiyanto , admitted her daughter currently resides in the Pacific , but not with Aan . Her lover , the father said , had fled after sticking in the news media .

" He says Aan vague , fear of the police , told you . , But , thanks Ayu there alright , " said Sugiyanto . Now she was the second daughter persuaded to return home or to repatriate Aan Ayu good terms .

Aan student suspected of carrying off the second half of the Jakarta State Polytechnic since 10 April 2014 . Some time ago , Sugiyanto had wanted to sell his kidney because of not having the money to make up for his diploma . Eventually , he and Ayu action at the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle on June 26, 2013 last .

Seeing the action of father and son , the Ministry of Education and Culture ( Kemendikbud ) was touched and gave scholarships to Ayu Bidikmisi to go to college . As for the matter of the disappearance of Ayu , said Sugiyanto , he has reported this to the Police and Criminal Investigation General Depok Jakarta Police .


Quota SNMPTN Never Too Big

High school students / equivalent as the archipelago should follow the national selection if you want to study in public universities ( PTN ) . The main entrance is through the PTN to the National Selection Entrance State University ( SNMPTN ) .

This invitation took a sizeable portion of the quota , at least 50 percent . As for the rest , filled by examinees writing Joint Selection Entrance State University ( SBMPTN ) and a selection of other local state university .

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Owner Bimbel Lavender Pandekar judge Galina , implementation and SBMPTN SNMPTN getting better every year . Nevertheless , Galina hope that the quota for students SNMPTN not too big .

"Poor . Lot of kids run to seed even abroad . Because if the invitation is not it based on grades , while nine in report card grades in Jakarta is different from the nine values ​​in the area . Trials write it a fair fight , fair . If report cards right No other intervention , of teachers in schools , for example , "said Galina , recently.

Tutoring agencies ( Bimbel ) , according to Galina , have the same commitment to the intellectual life of the nation . A lot of smart people just do not want to get into the school system as a result of the imbalance is still a lot going on .

According to him , education is a long-term investment . Instead we pay today and could see the results tomorrow morning . And neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore has been investing first . While Indonesia is one of priorities .

" Actually Indonesia can really achieve educational investment . , But the budget allocation for upgrading teacher education should not just fulfillment facilities such as air conditioning . Better if teachers’ salaries , good quality , then it goes linear with a good education too , " he said .

Higher education quality education is actually a form of investment as well . That’s why , in addition to registering through SNMPTN , many students preparing to take a written test , SBMPTN . Not just in school , they also learn intensively in various institutions Bimbel .

Galina said, Bimbel Lavender has a flagship program of interest . Lavender Quarantine Program ( Supercamp ) is a quarantine program that aims to prepare students of class XII or alumni who are struggling entered the University of Indonesia ( UI ) or the best state universities in Indonesia .

The program lasts for two months ( 60 days ) at Wisma Makara UI . Participants are taught by faculty, alumni and students of the UI .

" Certainly different , when in other places it just learned , here there is another aura , another atmosphere . Learn baseball is always in the classroom , but also in a more relaxed , for example, with outbound . Quarantined students because we want meminimilasi error . With students stay it will be more focused , "said Galina .

Students Bimbel Lavender ie Raania Amaani of high school Nurul Fikri Boarding School Attack and Ahmad Ghazali from a private high school said he was happy to follow the lessons in Bimbel Lavender . They are optimistic in achieving goals with a target PTN entered the Faculty of Medicine, UI .

" Harleys all , teachers , all of them , jokes , cranky make learning baseball . We him from the internet , our target FKUI . Teachers here are competent , and the exercises given so many books , although miss family but tetep fun , " he said .


Avalanche Afghanistan, 2,000 Residents Buried

A hillside collapsed on a village in Afganisatan , Friday ( 02/05/2014 ) . Two successive landslide occurred in the span of one hour . A total of 350 people were confirmed dead , while 2,000 others are still buried .

President Hamid Karzai expressed his condolences to those affected by the landslide . He said urgent action is executed to save the victim .

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Local officials said that landslide occurred at around noon local time , or at around 15:30 pm , in the Argo district , Badakshan . This landslide occurred after the region was hit by rain for days . Local officials say , 350 to 400 homes were destroyed .

" This is a disaster . Landslides affect the approximately 1,000 families , " said the head of the Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority in Badakshan province , Sayed Abdullah Homayun Dehqan . " About 300 families lost . ‘s About 2,000 people , " he added .

Until Friday evening local time , the search for survivors carried the survivors by using a shovel . They raised soil , rocks , and debris . At least three more bodies are found .

" Around 700 families survived . We send some basic aid such as tents and blankets , " said Dehqan . The UN has also been coordinated with local authorities to help find survivors . However , the United Nations said the area impassable heavy equipment , there is still the threat of landslides and aftershocks .

" The top priority now is to save the lives of as many of them are still under the rubble , " said Mark Bowden , the UN humanitarian coordinator in Afghanistan . " The UN system is fully engaged in an ongoing effort and mobilize more resources and capacity to respond ( to the disaster ) . "

In Washington , U.S. President Barack Obama described the disaster as ” a terrible tragedy ” . ” We are ready to help our Afghan partners to respond to this disaster , ” he said in a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel .


Tax Learning Fun with Games Taxcellent

Awareness to tax to pay the tax is still low . Not does not matter , sometimes the reason the awareness is still low because of the tax still feels strange in the ears of the public .

For that , need to be educated early taxation with attractive packaging . Opportunity was also utilized student study program ( Prodi ) Accounting Education Faculty of Economics ( FE ) Yogyakarta State University ( UNY ) , Asriyatun .

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He developed the instructional media in the form of games tax Roles Playing Game ( RPG ) called with Taxcellent . The presence Adipala girl from the game works , Cilacap , Central Java, it aims to facilitate students’ understanding of tax .

" So far , only the tax described in monotone and students are forced to memorize . By making this game , students are expected to understand faster without getting bored quickly , " said Asri , as quoted from the site UNY , Saturday ( 05/03/2014 ) .

By using software RPG Maker XP , Asri compose the Taxcellent game . The basic idea of the game , the player must complete missions that have been determined taxation .

" To be able to rise to the next level , the player must meet a minimum completeness criteria . This can be done by working on the problems given during the game . To be able to do the problems , the material on the matter will be given prior to the interesting ways , such as meeting people , opening chests , learning in school , " he explained .

Students who just diyudisium on 29 April 2014 it admitted it took four months to complete the creation Taxcellent . Difficulties experienced when Practice Experience (PPL ) actually inspire Asri to deliver the game

"In the past when PPL , I find it difficult to explain the matter of taxation . Therefore , I want to make one attractive media . Then I try to make this game . Upon completion , this game I test them to students SMK 1 Godean , and the results are good , " said winning graduates GPA ( GPA ) was 3.70 .


Government PR in the World Education

National Education Day ( Education Day ) should be a momentum to evaluate or improve the educational issues that have not been resolved . Of the many , what are the problems in education is the most important according to Indonesian young people ?

According to SMA Negeri 1 Pontianak , Afifa Kartikasari , the government should reinforce the policy on education . For example , ensure education funds are not misused .

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" For example , school operational assistance ( BOS ) for children who are less able , it is supposed to be fixed , " said Afifa , when contacted Legal , Friday ( 02/05/2014 ) .

In addition , a class XI science student continued , the government should also give more attention to children who drop out of school . Afifa itself still find children out of school in the surrounding environment .

" If I see them drop out of school due to economic factors . I often saw elementary school age children begging at traffic lights during school hours , " he added .

Afifa rate, the government is not maximized in addressing the problems of education . The proof , the news of the school operations fund corruption still exist .

Unlike the case with Bung Karno University student opinion ( UBK ) , Suciati Pomegranate . According to him , one of the major problems of education in Indonesia should be improved is the quality of textbooks. For example , the use of non-standard language in textbooks of elementary school students .

" LKS its use slang , and baseball question deviant suitable for elementary school children , " said the student of the Communication Studies .

In addition , age teachers should also be considered . Do not let any teachers who are too old and too young . Not to mention that the problem is not the focus of elementary school teachers teach because they have to deliver material all subjects and a classroom teacher .

" It should matter since elementary school teachers hold only one subject , so much focus . Teachers also must know the correct talent young protege . Problems book should also be improved quality that deserves to be handgrip students , " he explained .