Nationalism Mr. President

SELECTION president stay for a while longer . Each candidate had already sold off his political promise to the public . One that binds all the candidates are named old ideology of nationalism . All , for example , promised to prioritize national interests if elected later .

No more imports of rice , salt , and red onion . Economic resources will be managed best sons and daughters of the nation itself . Nationalism has become a staple in every campaign jargon .

In fact , we all know many others in the same with the heart the mouth . Nationalism is just ticking during the campaign . Nationalism is like poetry catchy . The problem is , when elected , leaders will rule not to poetry , but prose . And the prose was named reliance in all fields .

national interest

Many misguided nationalism spell . Nationalism is not to isolate itself from the global relations . Nationalism actually take advantage of global relations in the national interest . We should not reject the possibility to acquire cheap gas from other countries .

However , the conditions , the country must open up markets for Indonesian textile . Nationalism is not anti- import . Nationalism only condemned the importation of goods that can be produced the nation’s economy itself more efficiently and cheaply .

Nationalism is not mere words . He should be palpable . Nationalism is different with various populist said circulating in the public sphere lately. Some candidates , for example , promises to become more pro- local economic actors . The problem is , alignments that take concrete steps .

How can manifest partiality if farm subsidies are constantly trimmed . Permission for foreign franchises constantly diumbar . Fish in their own waters are constantly stolen foreign fishing without sanction . The price of diesel for fishermen continuously increased . Nationalism requires courage rather than jargon or poetry nuts .

The presidential candidates must be able to protect the national interests wisely. There are at least three national interests that need to be used as the main agenda for those interested in politics this year .

The first is the social economy. Economic democracy is the national interest because it is responsible for the livelihood for millions of families . Current tobacco farmers , for instance , was confusion due to regulations that require diversification of tobacco plants . In fact , this sector a lot of family support . Following the leader must have a clear bias towards populist economic centers in the republic .

The second is energy . Energy determines the life and death of a nation . Indonesia has abundant energy resources , both renewable and non . This of course will attract a lot of foreign investors to invest . Foreign investment is not something that is forbidden . However , as the energy of national interests should be protected by imposing strict rules .

Investment does not mean exploitation without limit . Investment must benefit the nation itself . Our national interests as a nation is the availability of cheap and abundant energy . Privilege for corporations own the nation’s energy is not something that is forbidden to be given .

Third is ideology . Pancasila is the national interest that must be protected desperately by anyone who manages this republic . Protection is not to revive the ideological apparatus such as Education Executive Agency for Development and P4 ( BP7 ) first. Democracy has limitations against ideological indoctrination efforts . Leaders must protect Pancasila through street culture .

Pancasila is the nature of cultural solidarity or in the language of Bung Karno : ” mutual aid ” . Mutual aid ” as opposed to hard individuality or collectivism model of liberalism narrow style fundamentalism . That is , any agenda that pivots on both ” isms ” that warrant concern as a threat to national interests .

Then who ?

The question follows , who then were able to manage the republic under the banner of nationalism ? Some names are already milling about . People were already full bombarded with various appointments . The problem is, the promise is speech that is not relying on the present . Only about the promise of the future .

Anyone can promise in this political year . However , we must beware distinguish between promises and commitments . Promise not to rely on the track record , while just the opposite commitment . A former criminals could have promised to eradicate corruption . However , he could not be committed to its promise because the track record says another .

Nationalism requires explicit track record . A commitment to nationalism tested at critical moments . When , for example , the head of the region face a difficult choice : give permission to foreign franchises or rehabilitate traditional markets . Both contribute to economic growth . However , the first pro- middle class consumerism , while the second at jobs for small businesses .

Keep a track record of integrity . Integrity is consistency and ethical resistance . Nationalism requires consistency . A leader can not occasionally into account national interests , but at other times passed international protocols that threaten national interests . He also can not sign a social security legislation nationwide , but stalling due to the issuance of derivatives regulation lobby foreign insurance companies .

Nationalism also requires courage . Courage is not something that just shouted at the top of the podium . Leaders must dare to renegotiate all contracts adverse republic works . All foreign loans with interest that does not make sense to be brave rejected . All the grants with certain requirements in the future harm must also be rejected .

The nationalization of foreign companies also do not taboo . Critical moments demanding dramatic steps . Our leaders do not lose it later with a woman named Cristina Fernandez of Argentina . Cristina dared to nationalize Spanish company in the interest of its people .

A president can come from diverse backgrounds , ranging from entrepreneurs , academics , until the military . However , nationalism does not know the background . An academic may be more nationalist than the former military leaders . Profession is not congruent with the ideological consistency . Consistency is forged by a long political experience and full of dynamics .

Therefore , whoever he be a politician . Not a skilled politician he took power , but ably utilize the power for the benefit of the nation and country . He who wears the power to earn commissions from foreign financial institutions clearly not a politician .

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Whatever , this year we will get a new president . At first glance, all the candidates seem to hold on nationalism . They look like the leading defender of the interests of the nation and country . However , nationalism can not be found on the impressions that built the ad . Nationalism , once again , saved the track record , consistency , and courage . Hopefully we get such a leader .


iPhone 6 Pro Will Use A9 Processor and Controller ?

Since three months ago , the public was enlivened by the news leaked about the next device from Apple’s iPhone . Of the various versions of the Apple iPhone 6 concept , a concept that reveals leaked greatest likelihood that the iPhone 6 will use the Pro version and IController A9 processor .

Reporting from phonearena , Apple iPhone 6 Pro will be equipped with a front-facing HD camera which has a resolution of 3MP . Phones that have a thin design 7.2mm thick , compared to the thickness of the iPhone 5S which has a thickness of 7.6mm . There is a notification light is added to the device , which terlertak at the bottom of the device .

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Although the late Steve Jobs hated the stylus , most likely a Pro iPhone 6 will have iStick . This accessory mounted neatly in the bottom of the device . On the back there is a main camera that has a resolution of 16MP Ultra HD Camera . In addition , there is a pro on the iPhone 6 IController feature , which looks like a game controller from one of the current console .

So far , Apple has not given the information when the iPhone 6 Pro will be released , and whether there are fundamental differences when compared to the iPhone 6 . 


There Electrical Repair, Water Supply Uninterrupted During the Four Days

Over the next four days , the water supply is handled by PT PAM Lyonnaise Jaya ( PALYJA ) would be disrupted . This condition occurs following an improvement in the electrical pump station owned Cawang Palyja partner Perum Jasa Tirta II .

In a press release to the ROL , Saturday ( 19/4 ) , disruption of water distribution was calculated starting on Saturday ( 19/4 ) until Tuesday ( 22/4 ) at 13:00 pm . This will cause the repair electrical supply raw water to Palyja decreased to 5 % . Tail, will have an impact on some areas Palyja services to various regions .

The region affected by the following activities :
Decreasing Supply : Stadium , Rubber Tengsin , Setiabudi , Rubber , Rubber Brass , Rubber clover , KuninganTimur , Mangosteen Market , Top Menteng Menteng Dalam, Manggarai , Senayan , Swamp West , West Brass , Lower Dam , Menteng , Pegangsaan , Kebun Betel , part east ( Kebun Melati , Kebun Kacang , Kampung Bali ) , South Petojo , Guntur , South Manggarai , Gondangdia , Kebun Kelapa , Pasar Baru , Gambir , Cikini , Mahpar , Mangga Besar , Tank , Taman Sari , Reef Newer , Kartini , South Mangga Dua , Southern Mangga Besar , Jatipulo , Petamburan , Slipi , Bamboo Town , Tomang , Cideng , Kebun Melati , Slaughter , Ancol , Pekojan , Northern ( Tambora , Angke Five Bridges ) , the northern part of South Mangga Dua , Pinangsia , Roa Malaka , Networking , Southern South Mangga Dua , Kemanggisan , Pal RC , North Petojo , Krukut , Land Cereals , South Duri , Krendang , North Duri , Greatness , Glodok , Tambora , Five Bridges , Angke , Duri Pulo , Iron Bridge , Love the Earth ‘s North Duri Kepa , Tanjung Duren Selatan, Tanjung Duren Utara, South Kedoya , new Jelambar , Wijaya Kusuma , Jelambar , Jewel , Bukit Duri , and Kampung Melayu .

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Supply Stalled : Sky View and Kebun Orange .

Information , supply of drinking water Palyja will gradually return to normal from Tuesday ( 22/4 ) at 14:00 pm . Therefore residents advised to fill the storage tanks and conserve water use , to anticipate the disruption of water supply .


Three Variables Make-JK Jokowi Not Suitable

Name Jusuf Kalla (JK) was widely referred to as the running mate to accompany Joko Widodo (Jokowi) in exchange presidential election next July. If discourse is realized, it is feared they will not be harmonious relationship.

Political observers Pelita Harapan University (UPH) Emrus Sihombing judge, Jokowi-JK raises the possibility of impeachment in the middle term. “There is no guarantee of future harmony and both can conflict,” he said, Saturday (19/4).

According to him, there is imbalance between the two. JK for example, is considered to have value in terms of nine of experience and ability. While Jokowi value 7 or 7.5.

Therefore, he said, Jokowi-JK predictable relationship will not last. Political experience, JK is more qualified and has been in existence in the internal Golkar. Jokowi while still fairly young and lost much of the JK.

"There are three variables, the first micro Jokowi forestry education background. While JK already prencanaan macro expert," explains Emrus.

The second variable, further Emrus, JK has the experience and leadership is more powerful than Jokowi. Surely this open space conflict if both leads.

Furthermore, typical between different Jokowi and JK. Jokowi stronger Javanese culture and not explicit. Unlike the JK that figure is and frankly blakkan.

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"The third variable in terms of age. Jokowi younger, JK older.’s Become psychological barriers that cause both can be no harmony. Jokowi young leader, a strong sense of sungkannya," he explained.


PPP : Prabowo unifying figure Nations

Chairman of the Board of the Central Party Development Association ( PPP ) Epyardi Asda says the reason his party berkoalisi with Indonesia Movement Party City is the figure Prabowo Subianto . PPP saw the figure of former Special Forces Commando Commandant General as the person who can develop Indonesia .

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" Prabowo can unite the Indonesian nation can meet amar is right, and prohibit evil , " said Epyardi in Polemic discussion at Warung Daun Cikini , Central Jakarta , Saturday, April 19, 2014 . Epyardi say success in achieving the dual purpose of looking chased there came the PPP . ( Read : PPP degree Rapimnas , Support to Prabowo Cancel ? ) .

It repulsive notion that his party elites hope to get a seat in government if the coalition of PPP - Gerindra won the presidential election . Presidential election , said Epyardi , not just with the selection of candidates for legislators and district heads . ” National in scope . Fate determined people there, ” he said.

Therefore, according to him , there should be a strong figure such as Prabowo as a national leader . When asked about the seven candidates who have completed the PPP presidential candidate , Epyardi answer would be no evaluation in a national leadership meeting called by the Chief General PPP Suryadharma Ali . ( Read also : PPP - Gerindra Coalition , Not Have Written Contracts ) .

In this case, said Epyardi , in accordance with Article 9 of Incorporation and Bylaws PPP , general chief of the Kaaba party is entitled to use its authority if any specific cases . ” As support for Prabowo , ” said Epyardi . Or , he said, when there machinate that occurs in the body of the party.


Yamaha R15 Practice , Alerts Many Rich People

JAKARTA - online Inden 1500 Yamaha YZF - R15 unit , became a phenomenon in the automotive two-wheeler market of the country. Yamaha is looking closely related to the strengthening of the movement of the middle class economy .
Based on data from BPS (Central Bureau of Statistics ) and Frontier Consulting Group research institute , 58.4 percent of its revenue in Indonesia Rp 3 million to Rp 8 million . That figure is enough to explain why the R15 sold well.
R15 is offered at a price of Rp28 million OTR Jakarta and surrounding areas . DP with a down payment of 6 million , the purchasing power of the middle class as consumers fit R15 users .
" Price R15 and DP matching bag middle-class residents , plus another with this product which is highly anticipated , making consumers do not think long to buy it , " said Eko Prabowo , GM Marketing Communications & Community Development Yamaha Indonesia .

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Moreover, predictions of a growing middle class will reach 150 million people by 2014 . With a population of Indonesia in 2013 reached 251,160,124 people ( who make Indonesia as the 4th most populated in the world / the CIA World Factbook ) , it means that almost half of incoming class medium .


SBY and Dahlan Iskan “Present” on Jalan S Parman

A public attention billboards and road users at Jalan S. Parman , West Jakarta . In the advertisement , there is the figure of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and State Enterprises Minister Dahlan Iskan . The contents of the advertisement , the “selling ” books .

In observation , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) , the advertisement includes the phrase ” has been published book : The Next One ’ This country should not be deflected should be forwarded to the changes ’ Continue … Dahlan Iskan Das December .. , set Wuet ! “

The large billboard located near the pedestrian bridge connecting the mall Citraland with Trisakti University and the University Tarumanagara . On the right side of the billboard , there is the figure of the president and Dahlan .

Dahlan was wearing a long-sleeved white shirt , red tie , and black pants material . Meanwhile , the President wore a blue safari suit . Both of these figures are both wearing sunglasses .

" Ordinary emang imaging it . Rarely wrote a book promotion , but through a large billboard on the street protocol again , " said passenger transjakarta , Joseph Hardiawan , share comments on the billboard to on Thursday .

As for Indra , Trisakti University student , said the billboard is already more than a week there. ” Yes weird just wrote a book sale ( pairs billboard for it ) . Impressed political element , ” said Indra to .

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Of at least six large billboards of the same size in Jalan S Parman , five other board displaying promotional products as mobile phones, automobile , banking products , even empty . Only this one advertisement that offers books .


Dominated LG, Samsung To Stop Making OLED TV

In addition to Samsung and LG smartphone is also known as a rival for makers of electronic devices such as OLED television . However, because LG is more aggressive to dominate the market , Samsung is also reportedly going to withdraw from the competition to produce OLED TVs .

LG Electronics alleged to have better results when producing organic light-emitting diode ( OLED ) televisions from Samsung , mostly using WRGB technology - OLED , which adds an extra white pixel to the standard configuration of the red - green - blue .

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LG uses oxide TFT backplane that allows to make the screen size bigger than the RGB Samsung AMOLED panels separated by LTPS backplane , as reported by koreaherald .

LG is expected to reveal the 65 -inch TV and 77 -inch TVs with ultra - HD in June. Not only Samsung , Sony and Panasonic also even stop the development of OLED panel last year , LG is expected to become a major manufacturer of OLED TVs in the near future , and is expected to be ready to market approximately 10 million units in 2018 .


Russian Billionaires Think U.S. sanctions as a Medal of Honor

MOSCOW - United States ( U.S. ) and Europe impose sanctions on Russia -related efforts taking Crimera , a town in Ukraine . The sanctions are imposed , is a gas embargo .

One of the Russian gas billionaire , Gennady Timchenko , stating that the sanctions specified that a ” medal of honor ” for him . But Timchenko , which sold its shares in the oil trading company Gunvor last month , admitted that the sanction is a bit troublesome business , as some European banks are reluctant to deal with him .

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" The fact that I included in the list ( which is subject to sanctions by the U.S. ) may be a bit surprising , but it’s an honor for me , " he said as quoted by Reuters .

" Some of ( the problem ) arises because some banks , realize who they are dealing with , and begin to create certain difficulties . Was because they were afraid . Generally not all serious , because we anticipated this might happen . So to take care of the assets , we shift to a bank account Russia , "said Timchenko .

The statement in line stance Russian officials and business figures , as a challenge to the U.S. and European Union sanctions . Timchenko is a person who has a great business profile .

The U.S. Treasury Department said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has investments in Gunvor and may have access to funds to Gunvor . Both the company and the Kremlin strongly denied the allegations.

Hours after the U.S. sanctions were announced , Gunvor , Timchenko said , has sold nearly 50 percent stake in the company . The company said the sale was completed before the sanctions were unveiled .

Gunvor started selling small shipments of crude oil through the port of Tallinn Estonia . At one point , this figure grew spectacularly become the largest exporter of Russian oil through contracts with countries such as Rosneft .


Follow up Basuki Alleged Irregularities in the Department of Education Budget

Jakarta Vice Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja promised to follow up on alleged irregularities in the grant budget Jakarta Education Agency , which reached Rp 700 billion . In fact , he suspected deviations may not only occur in the Department of Education alone .

" All of us thoroughly . Lot of other services as well . Certainly the findings in the Department of Education will surely be followed up gradually, " said Basuki at City Hall on Friday ( 11/04/2014 ) .

Basuki rate, irregularities in projects at the Department of Education would have been avoided if the city government will have implemented electronic budgeting system . Through this system , you will know the important stuff to buy and which ones are not .

" As with the purchase of goods and stationery is actually not necessary . So , we ‘ll just lock . Later in the budget directly change we change , " said the man who was familiarly called Ahok it .

Previously , Head of Education Dept. Lasro Marbun said it discovered the alleged irregularities due to budget items budget doubled in 2014 in the departments they lead . According to him , there are some findings indicate inflation of funds for the purchase of goods , one flower pot .

" There is the addition of five pots budget items . After we checked in the field , it is known that the school only took two flower pots , " said Lasro at City Hall on Friday morning .

Lasro said the 2014 budget planning drafters made ​​Head of Jakarta Education Department earlier , Taufik Yudi Mulyanto . As an anticipatory step , Lasro has ordered his team to carry out the school census . The census inventory needs a school .

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After that , he will compare the incoming budget planning . If there is no match, then the principal will be called . ” This is for the budget 2015. We need to be better this way again , ” he said .